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Fastlane F*%k Up

I have no interest in reviewing Fastlane. It was fine. Ziggler/Owens and Jericho/Styles were great matches. Everything else ranged from boring to average.

What I DO have interest in talking about though is the end of Fastlane. A quick glance at Twitter shows everyone else is talking about it too.

Once again WWE has decided that they know best and has ignored their “focus groups” (what they have called their live audience in the past). As expected -- but universally dreaded -- WWE went with Roman Reigns to face HHH for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. Roman will now headline his second straight ‘Mania, and will most likely become a 3 time Heavyweight Champion.

Let that last part sink in for a moment...

Still need a moment? I did too. I'll wait...

Good, now? OK, moving on.

My question to all that is, “WHY!?” Why do they continue to push Roman right now? It is suspected that WWE’s long term goal is to have him as the Top Babyface. However, I do not understand the idea of predetermining your top guy, and not letting that happen organically. IF they went with the organic development Dean Ambrose would be the #1 Contender right now.

But I’m going to try and not use all my time just complaining and yelling at my computer screen. So in an effort to focus my anger I thought about this a little more, and sadly I only became more upset. After pondering for a bit, and letting the finish to Fastlane sink in, I started I realized that WWE not only ignored the fans who were directly booing Roman and cheering Ambrose, but they were ignoring something much bigger. They were ignoring a lesson that I feel that, right now of all times in history, is something they should be unable to ignore. They ignored Daniel Bryan…

I just opened some deep wounds there. Sorry everyone. While the comparison between Daniel Bryan to Dean Ambrose is not one-to-one; there is something to be said about the timing of all this.

So we all know Bryan Daniel retired causing many grown men to utter, “...totally not crying. Dude, you’re crying. Shut up, jerk!” during his speech. Bryan’s rise to “savior of everything ever and I’m still not sure I am whole since he had to leave” doesn’t need a full recap. It is important to remember that WWE tried to CRUSH it.


If anyone tries to tell you Bryan’s story was a huge work and the plan from Summerslam on was to get The Yes Movement happening, and have the Wrestlemania 30 main event be that triple threat we got then you should never trust the person who told you that again. Do a mental inventory of everything they ever told you because they are a stupid liar who lies.

So Bryan was super over. WWE didn’t want him over. They booked him right out of the main event for wrestlers they thought were better. I see no way that last sentence can connect to Fastlane!

Bryan right now is a beacon of everything good about wrestling. He was pure and amazing and now he is gone. WWE is trying to honor him with video packages, and specials on the WWE Network, and a Brie Bella angle. However, they refuse to honor him in a way I think would show how much he changed the relationship between WWE and it’s fans. WWE refuses to let another guy who the crowd loves get over because they want someone else. Dean Ambrose is over and believable in the top spot. He feuded with Seth Rollins, both when Rollins had MiTB and the Heavyweight Title. People LOVED Ambrose. They love him now. They love all day everyday. But who won at Fastlane!?

Roman goddamn Reigns.

Honestly I think one day Roman Reigns will be the top babyface. I have no doubt since he has the look, I assume the work ethic, and entire machine working in his favor. Yet, right now, today; Dean was the pick. Reigns is already stale. He is already exhausting to watch. Reigns right now is synonymous with boring and predictable. Ambrose might not be Daniel Bryan, but right now he finds himself in a very similar spot. He is the star we want. He is the star getting cheered every show. Yet for some reason, WWE refuses to listen. For now, he is the star they refuse to let shine.

us what you think about the current state of WWE's promotion!