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WWE Gets Creative! ...sorta.

WWE remembers to make the Royal Rumble interesting!

They were sure cutting it close there with only 2 more RAWs to go they needed to do something. Because while the talent in the locker room right now in WWE is great, the booking has it where almost no one was in a position to realistically win The Rumble, and go to Wrestlemania. Not to get ahead of myself; it was announced Monday that this Royal Rumble will be for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. A fun development that will add an extra level to the show, but what I think will ultimately amount to a band aid over a gunshot wound.

Shenanigans, He Who Wins the Rumble, Wins the Title

The Rumble should have a lot of options and right now there are not a lot of honest ones out there. Sure “anyone” could win and go to Mania, but “anyone” means like 3 people really. Before this stipulation was announced, it was either going to be HHH, Brock, Taker, or Cena by way of #LOLCENAWINS. Now after the stipulation was announced, add Roman’s name to that list. But the main event is still going to be a combination of the people from that list. Overall I wasn’t excited for the announcement because it’s a glaring indictment of how little WWE thinks of anyone on their roster right now because I am pretty convinced Roman is going to retain, or HHH screws him to set up a Mania match. Though I do want to openly acknowledge right now that everyone else I have talked to, or whose opinion I respect, disagrees with me. Thus, I may just be a stick in the mud.

NJPW, Come Join Our Club; No Grrlz Allowed

In AWESOME news; Bullet Club might be forming in WWE. As of right now, I have no idea if the reports are real or not, but it is being said that; AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson are signing with WWE. I have no idea if Bullet Club is going to actually appear in WWE, or be rebranded Balor Club. However, with 3 of those 4 guys associated with the club, it is certainly something. The other idea would be to run a “NJPW Invasion” angle and have all 4 of those new guys join Balor, in the rebranded Balor Club, and just tear through WWE. AJ Styles is amazing, but his age is a concern. So expect to see a lot of him very quickly. The positives here are astronomical. Yet, WWE has just the right amount of “f*$k up” in its blood to ruin the whole thing. I am doing everything I can here to stay positive. Deep down, I think this is going to lead to one of the better angles of 2016.

Out cast no more...?

I was going to to talk about Heath Slater & Co. (#SOCIALOUTCASTS) but I’m not really sure what to say. Reports are that Slater scored crazy high (for someone barely on TV) on the Superstar of the Year Slammy voting. I think it’s fun they are doing something with these guys that are mostly marginalized at best. Yet, I can’t help but think this is just a way to get all four of them squashed at the same time. I can hear Rob now yelling at me about how “...this is the best thing ever and I need to shut my damn mouth”, so I guess I’ll just let it play out and Bo-lieve this new stable works.

us what you think about the Rumble shenanigans, The NJPW guys, and the Social Outcasts!

Hot Tag into 2016

Happy New Year Tagateers!

Welcome to 2016 and welcome to a new gimmick from The Three Man Tag Podcast.

The start of a new year in WWE is always an interesting time because we always get two weeks of nothing happening; The Slammys and the New Year's episode of Raw back to back. WWE then has to immediately go full throttle into “The Road to Wrestlemania” as they start to develop the card for Royal Rumble -- which your three hosts will be awesomely attending. So right now we are in the calm before the storm. I write this on New Year’s Day 2016 and I thought the best thing to do in this time is not to speculate or talk about past events, but do a quick and dirty rundown of things I would like to see in 2016. I don’t think these will happen or that overall they are necessarily good ideas. This is just me throwing some stuff out into the universe.

Roman’s Reign:

So Roman Reigns won the WWE World Heavyweight Title on Raw a few weeks back to an overwhelming positive reaction in Philly -- notorious as a “smark” city. As of now, not much has come of that due to the season. However, I think this might turn out to be a good run. First and foremost, I want Roman’s title run to be long. I want him with the belt for a good long while. Maybe not the full year but at least until SummerSlam or possibly Survivor Series. We had a long run from a heel Rollins and I think we need to counter that with a long run from a face Reigns (a 6-9 month run if you see where this is going). So no mid run heel turn. WWE needs a feud. A blood feud that can split fans and get people interested. Reigns vs Rollins IS this feud and a long title run from Roman that rivals Rollins’ is a great way to get that started when Rollins comes back. Who is the babyface and who is heel is a conversation for another time.

Establish a Midcard

This one is simple, stop 50/50 booking. You’re matches can play out 50/50 so everyone gets their stuff in because people tend to like that style of match today. However, you need to have certain people win a lot more than they lose, and some people have to sadly keep losing. Rusev and Ryback trading wins is doing neither guy any favors, and both are just kind of “there”. Same for Cesaro, Ziggler, Ambrose (until he shockingly won the IC Belt). Right now Kevin Owens is starting to get this type of booking. Owens should be murdering all the mid card guys right now because that guy is a top level heel. Ambrose should be getting the tar beat out of him but always -- somehow, through the power of crazy -- winning. This shows us now who is going to move up the card and you are invested in how the story of them doing so. Right now I, and possibly WWE, have no idea who their next guys are because they all split wins and losses.

Retire the Divas Title:

The first thing Charlotte should have done when she won the Divas Title was vacate it. She then should have introduced the “WWE Women’s World Championship”. And it would look like a real damn wrestling championship belt. The Diva’s title is insulting to my eyes when I look at it. No one, anywhere, likes it. You want to put a shining moment in the hurricane of turds that has been The Divas Revolution? Drop the butterfly and reveal the new belt. That’s history and you can put it in every highlight reel for the next twenty years.

Keep New Day Awesome:

New Day ROCKS! They just do. Don’t break them up. Please please please no matter what happens keep them together for a long time. I think they are over enough to not need the belts for much longer. Lucha Dragons, hot off Kalisto’s spot of the night at TLC, could use the rub from New Day and take a short run with the belts to help establish them as more than just “those Lucha Dragon guys”. I just really don’t want to see them break up once they lose those belts again.

More Heels:

The good guys can’t always win. Sadly if Rollin’s injury showed us anything it’s that there are not enough credible heels right now to fill the main event scene. Too many dying down in the midcard, see above, for them to be title contenders. Luckily Sheamus had Money in the Bank because without it, he was NOWHERE near that title picture with the way he was booked at the time. You got to protect one or two heels so at anytime they can jump in and be the foil for our big heros. Right now Bray and Owens are the ones I see. But really, WWE just needs picks a few and run with it.

Overall I’m excited for 2016! I hope that whatever WWE does decide do it makes sense, and is entertaining. If it isn’t, at least there is always NXT and Lucha Underground.