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Vorpal Power. We are still here! It is a new year, and a new Season here on the Vorpal Beats Radio Network. This here is a Vorpal Power episode; the VB Crew kicks off 2017 with a run down of the Assassin's Creed Series. That's right; Young Rob took it upon himself to play through every single game in the main Assassin's Creed series. He is here to break it down with Shawn O.M.A.K., and "The Kid" Stevie G. And as a free bonus, we even talk about the Assassin's Creed movie (hint, hint, it didn't suck!). Nothing is true, and everything is permitted! The Beats cannot be silenced! Fill your ear holes with this sweet noise, and enjoy the sultry sounds of our delicious voices.

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Three Man Tag Podcast

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Season 2, Episode 3 -- On Tuesday, July 19th, 2016, Smackdown goes live with a WWE Brand Extension Draft. In light of this, the Three Man Tag decided to do their own mock draft. Rob Young Jr. presided as Comissioner, with Stephen Greene acting as Mock GM of RAW, and Shawn McNamara acting as the Mock GM of Smackdown. It was a heck of a contest as the two sides drew thier top-ten picks for their rosters. There were some surprise choices. After that, we discuss the ramifications of the draft and where the WWE is headed. IT'S THE THREE MAN TAG PODCAST FANTASY WWE BRAND EXTENSION DRAFT!

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The Vorpal Beats crew is now on YouTube! Check out our videos (probably mostly of us doing stupid crap in video games). It'll be totes entertaining!

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Dragon Quest 3

VORPAL POWER On the Quest for Dragons; Choice Making

The third entrant in my Dragon Quest retrospective is, obviously, Dragon Quest 3. Originally released on the NES in 1991, it saw releases on the SNES and Gameboy Advanced, and more recently, iOS and Android. It sold over a million copies on the first day of release in Japan, with over 300 arrests for truancy among students absent from school to purchase the game. With overall sales, over all of the platforms of release, Dragon Quest 3 is cited as the most successful Dragon Quest release ever -- not to mention one of the best selling RPGs in Japan. I guess you could say people really liked this one. I think I did too...

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Dragon Quest 2

VORPAL POWER Come The Year of Jubilee

The nightmare surreal slow motion car wreck that was 2016 is now a part of history. 2017 isn’t exactly getting off to a banner start in most estimations, but the year does hold a tremendous amount of promise for all the gamers and gamettes out there. Unlike the Overwatch dominated post apocalyptic hellscape that was 2016, 2017 looks to be an absolute banner year for games.

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Dragon Quest 2

VORPAL POWER On the Quest for Dragons; Convictions of Reinforcement

Dragons. They are the one mythical creature that seems to transcend all cultures. Every culture seems to both revere and fear these giant creatures. They are the final bosses, mini-boss, mystical quest givers, wish-granters of a lot of fiction and fantasy. There is no greater feat a fictional heroic person can accomplish than that of slaying a mighty, fearsome dragon. As a lad prone to fits of flights of fancy, the epic nature of a quest to fight dragons is something that played very close to my deepest of heart of hearts.

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NJPW Wrestle Kingdom

HOT TAG All Hail The King of Sports!

This Wednesday I had finally given into that nagging voice in my head and shelled out the $8 for New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) World. Think, the WWE Network, just NJPW. I have never watched a NJPW show in its entirety, reserved only to any and every video on YouTube or Dailymotion I could find to see matches. I did not watch it live because it was just too damn early but I’m good at staying off social media when I need to and woke up and dove straight into the show. I was not ready for what was about to happen.

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Dragon Quest

VORPAL POWER On the Quest for Dragons; Original Memory Quest

After a rancorous field of gaming in 2016, I decided maybe it was time to steady my hand and dive into my Steam List. I am eventually working my way towards diving into Stellaris, but first I decided to finish of the fantastic Tyranny -- starting to see a Paradox Interactive theme going here now. After completing that fine piece of Obsidian coding, I start back into the amazing Witcher 3. I am finally into the DLC Blood and Wine after having gotten through the main quest and Hearts of Stone over the holidays. In the spirit of going back, I also set the sort of bucket list life goal to make my way through all of the numbered Dragon Quest games. I think Dragon Quest 10 is a Japan-only MMO (which sounds amazing BTW), so I will be skipping that one. With Dragon Quest 11’s release looming this year, I thought it fitting to dive into the old series.

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VORPAL POWER Why 2016 Was the Worst For Gaming

In one way or another it would be difficult to say that the Year of 2016 is anything other than unpleasantly disappointing. To encapsulate it in as few words as possible; 2016's embodiment would be death, despair, and disappointment. We lost icons, and more of us have a sense that we have lost a bit of our future. On a more personal front, however, gaming changed in 2016. Competitive gaming saw a massive resurgence. It seemed like every Developer was trying to create their own take on the MOBA. Perusing game sites, it felt like there were more articles regarding competitive play and tournaments than ever before. Expensive DLC seemed to be the big cash-in, going so far as to “complete” games by the release of the last DLC component. It seems a fair assessment that the $60-$70 paid for a game nets less and less of an actual game as time goes on. Ultimately, gaming just seemed to be a big disappointment by the end of 2016.



VORPAL POWER Rob's Picks For 2016

In my totally unbiased and well informed opinion 2016 has played out like an episode of Game of Thrones. All of our heroes are dying, the bad guys seem to be winning, and it seems like everyone is getting f@#$ed! Now I'm not here to get all topical about what's going on in the world because, Vorpal Beats is nothing if not an oasis for the weary in a cruel unforgiving world. So I'll save the proselytizing and political chicanery for our political blog Vorpal Beltway (Well you will be able to, once we scrub the comments section of Pepe the Frogs and Obama Hitler's…)

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VORPAL POWER The One We've Been Waiting For?

Three elite operators, code named Spacelord, Voodoo, and Youngblood; and one rando operator whose name doesn't matter, prepare to take down a jungle processing facility operated by the Santa Blanca drug cartel…

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No Man's Sky...not better...

VORPAL POWER Gaming Is Life; Good Updates To a Bad Game

Gaming is life. I have two pastimes; video games and Legos. Walk into my man-cave, and your eyeballs will be bombarded with gaming paraphernalia, and your feet will be assaulted by stray Lego pieces. I could mention very little about real-world events in my life. They are meaningless. I could probably tell you how to find secrets in old 8-bit games from 20 years ago. Gaming is so important to me that game releases are listed on my calendar right next to wedding anniversaries and the like.

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Look! 3DS!

NEW FEATURE - VORPAL POWER BLOG How Rob Got His Console Groove Back

More than once in my life I have been accused of being a bit fickle when it comes to video games and especially when it comes to video game consoles. Just in the last 10 years I’ve owned a PSP, 2 XBox 360s, 2 Nintendo DSs, a Playstation 3, and a PS Vita. All consoles I desperately wanted at the time of purchase, and all consoles I ignominiously consigned to trade in shelf at GameStop.

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Jericho is doing his best work...ever!

THE HOT TAG! The Current State of the WWE...

RAW = Bad, Smackdown = Good. Finn Hurt! = All the sad faces. This one's going to be quick...

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THE HOT TAG! ...Smile Because It Happened

This month's first entry comes from an associate of the #ThreeManTag; MsRhaine. An avid fan of the wrestling scene, and Twitter personality, she gives her account of that fateful night. It was a night we all knew was comine, but not one that we were ready for. We knew one night The Demon would be called to newer, more mainstream haunts.

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